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Toxic Dev / April 13, 2022

2 min read

Hey everyone

Welcome to the Mod Hub Website, this website aims to provide all Discord Moderators a Free, Trusted simple solution for all your Moderation Needs we offer a wide variety of User Made Challenges, FAQ's Articles and More to assist you in starting your Discord Moderation Journey!

Useful Information#

We of course are a 100% free source and will remain such indefinitely. On top of that we are aiming to be your number one source for everything that revolves around the Discord Moderation Community. Mod Hub is made available using a variety of services such as the Discord Moderator Academy & MyMod

With that being said i would like to note that we are in no way shape or form connected with Discord INC and its Services.

Community Requests#

As stated above we are made by Moderators for Moderators and accept request for new articles, challenges etc from any member of our Service/Website who submits a request via the Community Requests tab of our Dashboard. Community Requests do need to be reviewed by Staff as well as approved and accepted by at-least 5 other Mod Hub users.


Anyways there isn't really much more for me to say though i could go on for ages about the services we offer and what we do. Please keep in mind that the Mod Hub website is very early access and will be updated on a regular basis, If you would like to request a new feature you can contact us in our Discord Server.

Thanks and Much Love

  • Toxic Dev (Owner/Developer)

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